Winter Wonderland Tag

Although this year we don’t have that much snow, winter is here and I decided to make this tag for you guys. The Winter Wonderland Tag is a fun way to share my favourites in the cold days. 🙂

Snowflake What are your Favourite Things about Winter?

Winter is wearing comfy clothes, cosy socks, the smell of wood fire, and home cooked meals. I use the time I am home to try new recipes and eat healthier after the holidays. I recently made a 5-Day cleanse to get rid of the toxins. I love taking a walk outside, to feel the crisp air and crunching snow under my feet. 

SnowflakeHow do you Like to do your Make-Up in the Winter?

I try to keep my skin as nourished as possible. At home I take a lot of time on my skincare. I regularly apply deep-nourishing face masks or the sleep mask from Sephora. Following the mask I put a moisturiser or a night cream to make sure the skin is smooth through the day. IMG_1921

SnowflakeWhat is your Favourite Winter Outfit?

I love comfy and warm clothes in the cold days. Wearing woolly sweaters with my Ugg boots and parka from Zara is my favorite winter outfit.

SnowflakeScarves or Beanies? Scarves. I am a big fan of the infinity scarves. 

Snowflake.png Must Have Winter Lip Product?

In the chilly winter days, it is important to protect your lips with a good, moisturising lip product. I like the Baby Lips limited winter edition Mint Candy. The other must have lip product is the Yves Rocher nourishing lip balm with candied orange and almond scent. 

SnowflakeFavorite Winter Nail Polish?

For me, winter is all about glitter.  It is perfect for those cosy winter nights and glamorous evenings. I like putting on a dark base color on my nails and after that a glitter coat. My personal favourite is the Ciate Christmas Tree Set which I purchased at Sephora.


SnowflakeWhat is Your Favourite Winter scent?

For the winter I like a strong perfume as the Abercrombie and Fitch N1. The white pepper, juicy tangelo and fresh peony petals make the perfume last through the day. This signature scent is one of my all time favorites. 

SnowflakeFavourite Winter Drink?

I love drinking Gingerbread Latte from Starbucks. Sometimes I like changing it with their Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha. 

SnowflakeFavourite Winter Candle?

For the holidays I mostly used the Yankee Candle Candy Cane lane. For the first months of the New Year the Sweater Weather from Bath and Body Works is amazing.IMG_1499

SnowflakeName One Item on your Wish List this Year? 

For a long time I have been wanting a record player. I want to listen my favourite tunes from Adele, Beatles and Frank Sinatra. I am obsessed with the pink Crosley Cruiser from Urban Outfitters.

I tag anyone that wants to do this, just post your video or blog post in the comments below.



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