Valentine’s Day Beauty Essentials

Hello beauties,

Valentine’s day is quickly approaching and we whether single or dating, getting new beauty products for the holiday is always a good idea. For that reason, I chose 7 beauty essentials specially themed for Valentine’s day. With amazing scents and unique design there is truly something for everyone! Take a look at my top choices:

heart Bath and Body Works Dark Kiss Shower Gel

For Valentine’s day I like using a sweet, irresistible scent in my shower gel. I like the Dark Kiss Shower Gel from Bath and Body Works most. It has a seductive scent of berries, flowers and dark vanilla bean. As it has a bit strong fragrance, I like using it in the evenings. Apart from the amazing smell it has ingredients such as Shea Butter and Vitamin E which moisturise my skin, making it really smooth.IMG_2606.jpg

heart Sephora “Be Atomic” Cotton Flower Nourishing Velvet Cream

For Valentine’s day Sephora released a new line for the body “Be Atomic” with products to take care of your skin. My favourite one of the is the Nourishing Velvet Cream with Cotton Flower scent. The fragrance is a signature Sephora one but it has a new romantic design. I like also that it is not just a regular body butter but a velvet cream, which is really foamy like whipped cream.

heart Tarte How Sweet it is Blush

Apart from in my outfit, I love adding a little pink in my make up routine for Valentine’s day as well. My recent favourite blush is How Sweet it is from Tarte. It has a shimmery peachy pink color, perfect for the upcoming season. The formula with Amazonian clay is excellently pigmented, leaving it solid on the cheeks for 12 hours. 6786e1e9be9310663644d4a69b50edec-2

heart Victoria’s Secret Ultimate Hairspray

After I style my hair, from time to time I like to add some hairspray to fix it all day long. I really like the Ultimate Hairspray from Victoria’s Secret. It makes my hair flawless and holds it, eliminates frizz and adds a nice shine to it. Also I really like its scent, it feels really girly with its freesia notes.

heart L’Occitane Delightful Rose Shea Hugs and Kisses Hand Cream

Inspired by the upcoming holiday, the French illustrator Soledad Bravi, featured her signature girly and romantic style into the design of the classic Rose Shea Hand Cream. The design captured my eyes, but it is the quality of the product I love most. As my skin gets dry, I need a good hand cream to keep it moisturised. This one really makes my skin smooth and soft and also leaves it delicately scented. IMG_2605

heart Bath and Body Works Mad About You Hand Sanitizer

One of my favourite things about Bath and Body Works is their wide variety of hand sanitisers. Most of them smell amazing and keep your hands clean and soft. My all time favourite and must-have is the Mad About You which is perfect for Valentine’ day with its incredible sweet scent with a mix of peonies, black current, and vanilla musk. 

heart Baby Lips Lip Balm Candy Kiss

Recently, I have been using a lot of the Maybelline Baby Lips series. They are affordable but still keep my lips hydrated and give them a bit of color as well. The one I use right now is from its Valentine’s day limited edition in color Candy Kiss. It has a light pink shimmery shade which give a natural look. It has a really sweet scent and I like that one the top of the balm it has a little cute heart.

What are your Valentine’s day beauty favourites? Share in the comments below. 🙂


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