Organisation Tips for a Chic Desk

Hello beauties,

up to this point we talked a lot about beauty, style, and health but not about a very important area in our lives which is our workspace. We spend a lot of time on our desk whether working or studying, so having a neat and chic workspace is important to insure the ideas keep flowing and our productivity is at optimum level. Today I’ll share with you some tips on how to keep your desk tidy and organised so that you feel inspired and get things accomplished.

Keep your desk clean 

Don’t just tidy your workplace when it is filled with all kinds of stuff so that you can’t even work on in. Try to clean it on a weekly basis when you have some free time. Remove all the waste paper and other things you don’t need. It takes only 10 minutes but it definitely makes a difference. Tidy desk, tidy mind, right? 

De-Tangle Cords

 Make sure you keep desk cords out of sight it doesn’t look too cluttered. I like using Multi Cable Drop for this purpose as it separates them and doesn’t damage them. They keep your desk clean and also provide easy accessibility. Recently, I have been using as well the iPhone Lighting Dock so that I can charge my phone and to keep away messy charging cables. IMG_2924

Organize your files

Getting a file organiser is a necessity to store all your important notes and documents. Instead of just piling up the files I need on the desk, I like to put them in my file organiser so that they are easy to reach and in place. Apart from its great function, I love its very colourful and yet sophisticated design.  IMG_2925

In addition to that I picked out folders in different colors for each of my five courses this semester. It is a very good way to store your handouts so you don’t lose them, plus it looks really nice. I apply this also to my laptop, as I make a folder every semester for each one of my courses so I keep my desktop organised as well.

Choose Pretty Stationary

It might be old-fashioned but I like having my Kate Spade planner to write down my to do’s and meetings for every day. We can’t manage to remember everything so keeping a daily planner is essential to make sure we go on time for every important event. Choose some colourful markers and pens to mark the most important stuff, and some beautifully designed notebooks to keep you inspired. IMG_2926 (1).jpg

Accessorise your Workspace

Invest in other desk accessories to make your workspace even prettier. Add flowers, desk coordinating containers and trays with individual compartments to help you store your office items, and any other stuff you have! This is where I store my washi tapes, sticky notes, and any other tools which keep the work going.IMG_2906

Do you like these suggestions? Comment below. 🙂




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