Top 5 Fashion Trends this March

Even we still facing chilly temperatures, spring is coming. Spring starts with March, which is in fact is one of my favourite months as my birthday is in it! There is a lot to look forward for this month. March is a transitional month, so you can see looks that involve layering but also a hint of arrival of spring. See my favourite 5 fashion trends this month:

Bomber Jacket

This month we substitute the trench for another classic – the bomber jacket. It will be everywhere in the spring season as it is perfect for transitional dressing. Giving a sport edge to any look, the bomber jacket is a great match for skirts and heels.


Bold Stripes

This evergreen trend is back again this season and not only in traditional black and white but in attention-grabbing colors such as yellow, pink, purple. Stripes are present in any look – from casual T-shirts to dresses. Mix them with other prints, or even mix horizontal and vertical stripes in your favourite bold colors.



Red, White, and Blue

The colors from the French, American, and Russian flag appear this season in our outfit as well. Red, white, and blue blend together in a contemporary update to the retro trend. This three color combination is a perfect choice for a weekend getaway in the sunny weather!


Garden full of Flowers

In the spring season, beautiful flowers are not only around us outside but they are on our outfits as well. From clothes to home decorations, floral patterns are a hit this season.


Slip Dress

The slip dress from the 90s is a hit this spring as well. At New York Fashion Week, many designers such as Givenchy, Calvin Clein, and Burberry were inspired by lingerie for their Spring Collections.It is the perfect evening dress whether it is satin, silk, or lace.


Do you like these trends? Share in the comments below. 🙂



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