Paris Trip Beauty Essentials

Hi there,

I have some exciting news! At the time this post is uploaded, I am actually travelling to Paris for a few days. I have been there already once but it has been a long time since then so I have been dreaming to go again and my wish came true! It is also a good occasion for me to exercise my French so I am looking forward to that as well. So for that reason I gathered 4 beauty product which I took with me to add a bit of color and glitter to my look!


 L’Oreal Paris Mythic Oil Shimmering Oil

To add some shimmer for the upcoming spring season, I like using Mythic Oil Shimmering Oil. I have been using the Mythic Oil line from L’Oreal for three years now, but this is the first oil enriched with shimmering golden particles. I adore the packaging as it looks very luxurious and I love the formula as well. To add a bit of moisture and nourishment I apply it on my hair as well as my body. It adds a nice shimmer to my skin and it leaves an amazing scent. The multi-use oil is perfect for spring time with its fresh scent of magnolia flowers.


Lancome Juicy Shaker Lip Gloss

Lancome has become one of my favourite brands in the past few years with its lovely collection of high quality make up products. I haven’t used it a lot but with this Spring’s amazing make up collection, it was inevitable not to try. I saw in a lot of places the new Lancome Juicy Shaker Lip Gloss and it caught my attention as I have never tried before a two faced formula lip gloss. I have been using it for over a week now and I love it so much that I am taking it with me on my Paris trip. The formula pairs nourishing sweet almond, omega 3, and cranberry oils with beautiful pigments which make my lips naturally plump looking and glossy. From all the colors the lip gloss has I choosed Mangoes Wild. It has a nice pink shade and smells like juicy mangoes. I definitely recommend it but don’t forget to shake the bottle for 10 seconds to make the color even stronger. 


Bath & Body Works Sweet Pea Hand Sanitiser

To get even more in spring mood, I like using a floral scented hand sanitiser. After using Mad About Your for the Valentine’s day period I decided to go with a fresher springy scent. For that reason I got the Sweet Pea hand sanitiser from Bath & Body works. I used the shower gel from that edition last summer and I really loved the blend of raspberries, pear, and pink petals so I wanted the hand sanitiser as well. With all the airplane travelling to Paris, a hand sanitezer is a must have to keep your hands germ-free and leave them with a nice floral scent.

Sephora Around the World Paris

Usually, I don’t buy eyeshadow by Sephora but recently I got as a gift the Around the World 4 eyeshadow and blush palettes and I absolutely love them. Each palette has four matte eye shadows, one blush, a mirror, and exclusive tips and tricks how to apply them. I have been constantly using the Paris and NYC ones. Apart from looking adorable with their design, I like that the eyeshadow doesn’t smudge and stays throughout the day even if I havent applied eyeshadow base. I use the Paris palette for a nice smokey look for the night, and apply the blush during the day.


Would you tried some of these suggestions? Comment below. 🙂

With my trip to Paris, I won’t be able to post that often in the next few days but as soon as I come back at the end of next week, expect new Paris related posts and more beauty/fashion insights.

Au revoir! 



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