Paris Street Style in the Spring

Hi there,

Walking in the streets of Paris I not only enjoy the atmosphere of the city, go to historical sights, or walk from one designer shop to another, but I observe how the Parisians dress and how they incorporate the fashion trends into their style. So it today’s blog post I will tell you which fashion pieces were dominating in their look, and also tell you about some of my choices for an outfit.

Bold & Colourful Coats

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, Paris was sunny and welcoming but still not warm enough to wear your favourite dress. Parisians were wearing warm clothes, and I saw a lot of layering. They were wearing a lot of bold and colourful coats, as they are eye-catching and keeping them warm in the transitional months to spring. As with any statement piece, they kept the rest of the outfit simple so it can balance the bright color of the coat.



Parisians are well known for their devotion to scarfs and as a whole their commitment to accessories. You can see either thin-silk kind of scarfs or even heavier ones for winter time. The scarf is an essential element to finish every outfit as it adds a pop of color and pattern at the neckline. Le-Fashion-Blog-7-Ways-To-Wear-Stripes-In-Winter-Grey-Scarf-Striped-Knit-Coat-Leather-Pants-Nike-Sneakers-Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now.jpg

Bucket Bags

As I mentioned in one of my previous blog posts, this type of bag is a hit for the spring season. The accessories department of the stores in Paris were filled with a lot of kinds of bucket bags. From Furla, Michael Kors, to even Chanel, the bucket bag is a fashion essential for a real fashionista.


Striped Shirts 

Parisian style is usually effortless, made of those French girl staples like perfectly fitting jeans, flats and of course the breton (striped) shirts. Designers such as Coco Chanel and Jean-Paul Gaultier are known for their collections inspired by the stripes. Of course, I couldn’t resist of having my own striped shirt as well, from a favourite brand of mine Tommy Hilfiger. 


Pastel Berets

Berets are worn usually in the colder days as they are made of wool and also come in darker colors. Although a beret is considered a cliche for French style, I still saw many French women wearing one this month in pastel colors. The one I have is from a local French boutique and is in blush pink with beautiful details.  

Would you wear some of these fashion pieces? Comment below. 🙂



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