21 facts about me

Hello there,

today, I’m very excited because it’s my birthday and I’m turning 21 years old! For that reason, I decided to write an extra post today about 21 facts about me so you can get to know me a little better. 🙂 I challenge everyone who would like to do such a post as well, I would love to learn more about you! 

heart My favourite color is pink but usually I wear black, white, or gray.

heart I love sweets, especially gummy bears but I don’t like chocolate. (only chocolate covered strawberries)

heart My favourite fruit is cherries.

heart I am obsessed with Peter Pan Collars and Peplums!


heart I am really bad at drawing, those who have seen my doodles can confirm it. 😀

heart Although I can’t draw, I appreciate art and love the work of Monet, Manet and Van Gogh.

heart I love animals, and most of all my Akita dog – Goldie. He is just 1 year old but is so cute and big!


heart I don’t like playing team sports, running is more my thing.

heart My favourite cuisine is Italian with all its tasty herbs and spices.

heart My favourite flower is peony, especially in pink. I love tulips as well!


heart As soon as I get my drivers license I want to have a Mini Cooper – red one if possible!

heart In a way I am a perfectionist, it is really important for me to do everything the right way.

heart I’m not a procrastinator, in fact when I have an assignment coming up, it starts bugging me and I try to finish it as soon as possible and then relax.

heart  I would like to take one day a gourmet cooking class in Paris!


heart I have been playing the piano for seven years.

heart I am a big soccer fan! Although I used to watch more two years ago, I am a passionate supporter of Chelsea.

heart I want to learn to play poker, and then try my luck at a casino in Las Vegas this summer, after all I am legal now 🙂

heart Leighton Meester is my fashion icon, especially in Gossip Girl.


heart  I really want to travel to Iceland and New Zealand, the nature there is breathtaking!

heart Since I don’t like chocolate my favourite flavour cake is red velvet.

heart I might be turning 21 but even till today love watching Disney animation movies, with my favourites Beauty & the Beast, Lion King, and Lilo & Stitch. 

Thank you for reading! Till next time. 🙂


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