Top 5 Fashion Trends this April

Hi there,

Whenever April comes around with its warmer weather and blooming flowers, it inspires me to freshen up my wardrobe. This means trading the heavy winter clothing with lighter, and more colourful pieces. So in todays blog post I will share with you top 5 of my favourite trends this month to get in the swing of spring.


Fringe is one of the biggest trends this spring, as we saw it dominating in the New York Fashion Week runways. This Bohemian/Western inspired style made its appearance at the designer collections of brands such as Ralph Lauren, Banana Republic, and Valentino. It works really well on coats, skirts, as well as accessories like shoes and handbags. Here, Olivia Palermo excellently pairs a suede fringe midi skirt with a leather fringe clutch.


Cold Shoulders

 It is one of my favourite trends this spring as it highlights one of the sexiest parts of the body – the shoulders. I feel that there is no runway that left out the cold shoulder trend, from off the shoulder tops to shoulder cutouts. If you want to accessorise a bit as well, instead of putting big necklaces, choose oversized earrings instead (another big trend and spring essential). Also, make sure to team it with a strapless bra.



Lightweight Materials 

There is nothing better than feeling a breeze coming through a sunny spring weather. Take even a step further from shoulder cutouts and wear more breathable, weightless materials. Choose fabrics like chiffon, lace, or silk this spring. This effortless style is perfect for the weekend as they are very chic and feminine.



Stars are a huge trend this spring. You will see them everywhere, from shirts and bomber jackets, paired with a flag as a patriotic symbol, or looking like childhood stickers. The star printed trend is an easy way to add an edgy and cool detail to your look other than the traditional floral print. The latest designer collections of Lacoste and Max Mara rely a lot on this type of print.


High-Shine Fabrics

Bright and metallic silver fabrics are a big spring favourite, with all their different variations. These attention grabbing, light-reflecting are perfect for an evening at the club. For an even more futuristic look, pair such a piece with black, white, or bright colors. You will not be left unnoticed for sure!


Which of these trends will you try this month? Let me know which one is your favorite in the comments! 🙂


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