Lush and EOS Easter Shopping


Hello lovelies,

Easter is coming up in only one day in my country so I am looking for ways to relax and for beauty inspirations. Lush is the first store I visit when it comes to holiday shopping because of their colourful Easter themed collections. With their numerous Egg shaped bath bombs, Carrot bubble bars, and Bunny Jelly, what more could you want?  Without further ado, check out my favourite Lush and EOS products this Easter.

Humpty Dumpty Bath Bomb

This year’s Lush Easter collection is really bright and fun, starting with Humpty Dumpty Bath Bomb. At first I was hesitant whether to buy it because of its higher price, but because I was so excited to try it, I couldn’t resist after all. It is a rather big bath bomb, so you can easily use it for 2-3 baths. Once you put it in your bath, you will notice a nice surprise coming out of the bomb! It is a small bath bomb shaped like an egg – you can either use it in the same bath, or leave it for later. The formula of the bath bomb contains a mixture of Brazilian Orange Oil and Bergamot Orange Oil, which give it a really nice scent that stays throughout the bath. Humpty Dumpty is a rather fast frizzer but nevertheless creates a really pretty bath with its vibrant blue and yellow colour.


Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt

This year I was really excited to try the Golden Egg Bath Melt by Lush and I really loved it. The glittering gold makes it really luxurious and the uplifting bergamot and orange oils make it very sweet. The bath melt is packed with fair trade cocoa butter which is kind of toffee-scented and makes the skin really soft. It isn’t as moisturising as the other bath melts by Lush. For me, this is good news as I don’t like it when the bath gets too oily. Because of it’s big size, I decided to chop the golden egg in half so I can use the rest for another bath as well. Definitely recommend it!


Bouncy Bunny Shower Jelly

The Bouncy Bunny Shower Jelly is by far my favourite jelly ever launched by Lush. With its bunny shape, it is definitely very thematic for Easter. Its formula contains Brazilian orange oil which brightens up the skin and makes it soft. It has a really nice scent but it is not that long lasting. In just two weeks before finals when I am very tired and overwhelmed, this shower jelly with its gorgeous citrus fragrance, lifts my spirit up and helps my wake up in the morning with a smile. For a super refreshing shower I even like to freeze the jelly in the fridge for several hours.


EOS Lips Balms

I have always been a big fan of the EOS Lip Balm Collections but when Easter time comes up I like them even more because of their pastel colors and egg-shaped design. My favourite this season are the Honeysuckle Honeydew, with an irresistible flavour of honeydew, and also Strawberry Sorbet. Both lip balms are packed with antioxidant rich vitamin E, shea butter, and jojoba oil which keep my lips soft and smooth. 


Would you try some of these Lush and EOS products? Comment below. 🙂


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