Skin & Body Care Travel Essentials

Hello beauties,

I have great news for you! As the semester successfully finished, I am excited to tell you that I am going to the US in just a few days. Apart from working, I will be travelling a lot which means new fashion inspirations and beauty insights for you guys! I will try to post as often as possible and also share about my 3-month trip to the USA. As I started packing my luggage, I decided to focus today’s post on my skin & body care travel essentials. The products I have chosen are inspired by the upcoming summer season so I hope you get valuable information! Also, I decided to share with you guys my ultimate packing list at the end of the post, so you can download it and use it for your travels as well! So without further ado, let’s get to those essentials!

Clinique Pep Start Eye Cream

I rarely use eye cream but when the finals came up and my eyes were feeling tired from all the reading, I decided to try Clinique Pep Start and I really liked it! It not only hydrates and brightens up my eyes but also makes them look wide awake and refreshed. I like put the eye cream for a few hours in the freezer so that its cool touch de-puffs my eyes and makes them fresh. I squeeze a small amount and swipe it in circular motion around the eye area and after that wait for a few seconds before I apply foundation or concealer.


Lierac Minceur Globale

Apart from doing a regular workout and eating healthy food, I like to use some extra products to boost up the effects of my efforts. As I previously tried the Body Slim Triple Action and I really liked it, I decided to try the newest body-countouring care by Lierac – Minceur Globale with its unique MORPHO 4D complex. It helps combat the appearance of dimpled skin and excess water with its 10% active caffeine extract. The silhouette is refined and it visibly beautified my skin. It hydrates the skin and makes it very soft even when I first applied it, but it is recommended to use it for a month, applying it both morning and night. Also, I do a certain massage technique that is explained in the leaflet that comes with the product for optimal results. 


Nuxe Bio Beauty Travel Set

After trying and enjoying the new vitamin-rich orange water Detox Mask by Nuxe I was thrilled to see that the brand had a travel set with some of its best selling products from the Bio Beauty line. The set has: 

  1. Bio Beauty Micellar Water with orange water that perfectly cleanses and refreshes the skin.
  2. Bio Beauty Gentle Exfoliant with Berries with a complex of 100% organic apricot and raspberry seeds that provide effective exfoliation. The oil extracts of organic blackberry and plum soften the skin.
  3. Bio Beauty 24h hydrating cream keeps the skin moisturised and gives it a healthy glow thanks to the argan oil, coconut, and almond.
  4. Bio Beauty Hand Cream provides intensive nourishment and helps repair the skin of the hands.
  5. Bio Beauty 24h hydrating body lotion keeps the skin nourished because of the formula containing macadamia oil, which helps maintaining optimum level of hydration and instantly absorbs into the skin.

I find this set perfect for travelling as it has all the essentials and since the products size adds up to 100 ml which is the maximum amount you can bring with your carry on bag. The quality of the products is great and is at a really affordable price, so I definitely recommend it!13230902_10209665568705058_1520019108_o.jpg

Yves Rocher Mango Coriander Exfoliating Shower Gel

I was really excited to try the new Yves Rocher summer collection for body care. From all the various scents (Lemon Basil, Vanilla Bourbon, etc.), I liked most Mango Coriander and chose its exfoliating shower gel. It gently cleanses the skin with 100% natural fruit seeds and makes it really soft afterwards. The scent is very long lasting with vibrant mango notes and coriander oil which adds a floral, spicy, and fresh touch to it. I also love the packaging as it makes me dream of the upcoming hot summer days and picnics.


.. and here is the packing list I prepared for my trip!

Would you try some of these products? Share in the comments below. 🙂


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