Back To School Supplies

Hey guys,

I started my junior year in the university about two weeks ago so I decided it’s high time I do a back to school supplies post! I get really excited about shopping new stationary for the new semester (#nerdy) so I really wanted to share with you and will be very happy if you tell me what stationary you bought as well. I actually bought some of them a month ago in the US because when I saw them I really loved their design so I decided to get them even though there was so much time before the new semester starts.


Lilly Pulitzer Agenda

For me one of the most important supplies for the new academic year is a good agenda. I love planning every meeting I have and writing down the deadline for every assignment the old school way – in an agenda. Last year I bought one from Kate Spade and it was really nice and had a great design but this year I decided to go with another favourite of mine from Lily Pulitzer. It’s a 17 month agenda that has note pages, address pages, a travel adventure journal, and of course monthly & weekly pages. The thing is like most about it is that it is really colourful and fun and has full color artwork pages which I love. For us fancy girls it even has 2 sticker sheets with which you can mark a special event like “weekend getaway” or “date night”, etc. I love it, definitely recommend it and will be using it for a long time.

Notebooks, Folders, and Sketchbooks

This semester I wanted to focus the color of my supplies to be pink and blue like the official Pantone colors of 2016. So one of the notebooks that I choose is from the Mary Beth Shine Bright collection which I really like because of its golden hearts and the beautiful transition from white to pink. I also got this pink folder from the bookstore at the University of Pennsylvania.

This semester I also bought two sketchbooks by Moleskine made from top quality paper, one for my Design & Layout class which I absolutely love. The other one I will use to write down some ideas and inspirations and even on the go drawings. (although my drawing skills are not so good :D)


I also bought some folders in blue from Target which have an amazing design and were actually really affordable. To match these folders I also got this baby blue notebook with little golden hearts which I find really cute and stylish.


Pencils, Highlighters, and Flashcards

After I take notes I love highlighting the important information so it is essential for me to get some good highlighters/markers. I decided to get the limited edition Neon Sharpies this year as I think these colors stand out and look well on the page. For the first time I also decided to get these pink and white flashcards so I can write down some terms and definitions or some vocabulary and revise them when needed. I got this one from Walmart but you can easily make one at home too.


What supplies did you get this year? Share in the comments below. 🙂


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