Mykonos Travel Essentials

What is a great way to enjoy the last summer days? A trip to Mykonos of course! Mykonos is one of the numerous islands in Greece, filled with whitewashed buildings, and brilliant blue water. So that is exactly where I went in the five vacation days that we had in the end of September. I couldn’t leave unprepared so I had to get some essential products for my trip, so I can have a great time there. In today’s blog post I am going to share with you guys some of my picks for my travels in Mykonos. Those picks are exactly related to Greece, loaded with olive oil, figs, and even sunshine.. Read until the end, and you will see some photos from my stay there. 🙂


Powder Sunshine by Lush

Summer might be over but the sun rays are still powerful especially in Greece, so we should be protected from them. Instead of regular 30 SPF liquid sunscreen, I decided to try Lush’s Powdered Sunshine, which is powdered sunscreen. It is a really unique product with a nice fruity fragrance that protects the skin and gives a matte, shimmering tone. Its formula contains calamine powder, rich in the naturally protective zinc oxide that reflect broad spectrum UV rays. I definitely recommend it, and I will be using it again the following year as the weather gets warmer again.

The Olive Branch Shower Gel by Lush

I was really excited to try the Olive Branch shower gel because of its wonderful ingredients typical for the Mediterranean like fresh mandarins, bergamot oil, vine leaves and Fair Trade Olive oil. These precious oils make the skin really soft and give a nice scent. The thing I recommend is to give it a good shake before using it, so that the olive oil blends well with the other ingredients.


Fig & Green Tea Fizzing Bath Bomb by Fresh Line Cosmetics

I rarely buy bath products from any other brand than Lush because they don’t use such great ingredients and don’t have a compelling smell. However, in my trip in Mykonos I discovered another brand, which is actually Greek and has fresh organic cosmetics so I decided to give it a try. Many of their products use a base of antioxidant-rich tea infused with organic Cretan herbs rather that a water base. I was delighted to see that they had a wide variety of bath bombs but I landed on a Fig & Green Tea bath bomb. Apart from the fig and green tea it has hydrating botanical oils.


Victoria’s Secret Blush Travel Size Fragrance Mist

When I travel, I like getting my travel sized products because they are more easy to transport. For my trip in Greece, I bought Victoria’s Secret newest scent release – Blush in a convenient travel size bottle. The scent is really fresh and in a way flirty with its notes of grapefruit blossoms and magnolia.


Kate Spade Tiger Lily iPhone Case

Throughout the summer I have been looking a lot for a nice looking phone case and I finally landed on the Tiger Lily one from Kate Spade. This floral print case definitely brightens up my iPhone and really goes well with the numerous bougainvillea flowers in the island.


Would you try some of these products? Share in the comments below. 🙂

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