Too Faced Grande Hotel Cafe Review

Hello beauties,

I am back! As finals just passed and the holidays begun, I am delighted to say that I will spend a lot of time working on my blog, adding some more posts, and doing some improvement. Christmas is only in two days, which means there will be a lot of new holiday beauty and fashion tips! I am very excited for today’s post as it is going to be about the long-awaited Too Faced Grand Hotel Cafe Holiday Set!


As you may already know from my previous post, I am a huge Too Faced fan – I have tried most of their products and I really love them. The quality of the make up is supreme and their design is always super pretty but his holiday season their packaging can’t be beat. 

This year’s theme is Christmas in New York but also about holiday treats. As a person with a sweet tooth and a New York lover – it is perfection! The Grand Hotel Cafe resembles a pink hotel and once you remove the roof and open the doors – it reveals a stylish cafe scene as well as three palettes and a mascara. The packaging is so pretty that I even use it as part of my Christmas decoration in my bedroom!


Better Than Sex Mascara

I have mentioned before that the Better Than Sex Mascara is my all time favorite one. It is also the best-selling Too Faced product and most loved mascara. It is an intensely black, volumizing mascara with a collagen-fueled formula. It makes my lashes full and defined and gives a dramatic look as well. It is smudge proof and stays perfect on me all day. 

The mascara is really amazing but the reason why I bought this set is because of the three palettes. Each one of the palettes is inspired by a different Holiday treat (Gingerbread Cookie, Peppermint Mocha, and Eggnog Latte) and they all have a special scent related to that treat. I cannot say that I necessarily relate the smell to gingerbread cookies, or peppermint but they are definitely trying to resemble it and smell delicious. Each one of the palettes have 6 eyeshadows as well as a blush/bronzer with it. The quality of the eyeshadows is really good as they are very creamy, pigmented, and easy to apply. Most of all they look beautiful once they are applied on the eyes. Moreover, I think that the eyeshadows are very well selected on one palette as they go well with each other.

Gingerbread Cookie Palette


The Gingerbread Cookie is my favorite one of the three as the eyeshadow colors are basic and suitable for my everyday style. It contains both matte and glittery eyeshadows (like the other palettes), which are scented as gingerbread cookies. It also comes with a bronzer (Gingerbread). The combination of eyeshadows that I usually wear from it is Ginger Cream – Gingersnap – Maple Syrup.



Eggnog Latte Palette

The Eggnog latte contains a lot gold and brownish eyeshadows like Gingerbread Cookie but it also has festive green eyeshadow Central Perk (yes, like the cafe from Friends!). It also comes with a peachy/salmon color blush – Peach Cobbler. The look that I go for with this palette is Frosty Nog – Eggnog Latte – Iced Coffee.



Peppermint Mocha Palette

This palette is also really pretty and I use it in days when I want to have an even more girly look. Like the rest of the palettes, it has a particular smell (in this case like peppermint) as well as cute names for its eyeshadows. The look that I usually go for in this palette is Pepper Cream – Candy Cane – Sprinkles. It also comes with a blush that I am obsessed with – Santa Baby.


As a whole I am really pleased with this palette and I definitely recommend it. It is kind of pricey but is also definitely worth it – because of the three palettes, best selling mascara, and the beautiful packaging! If you think that three palettes are too much for you, you can even give one of them as a gift to a friend (there is a to: and from: field behind all of the palettes)!

Would you try some of these palettes? Which eyeshadow colors do you like most from them? Comment below. 🙂


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