Lush Christmas Haul

Hey beauties,

Happy Holidays! Christmas is only one day away which means there is a lot of food preparation going on, as well as last minute gift wrapping. It is also the time we spend our family, take a break from technology, and relax by the fireplace. Today’s post will be all about relaxation and taking hot baths with the new Lush Christmas products.

The Magic of Christmas Bubble Bar

I am starting of with my favorite Lush Christmas product for this year – The Magic of Christmas Bubble Bar. Let’s first start with its cute design – shaped like a star and filled with cinnamon leafs, along with clove bud. The fact that it is made like a wand (cinnamon stick) and it has a small bell with a red bow makes it even more cute and festive. The bubble bar contains almond essential oil, which hydrates your skin, cinnamon leaf oil, which is stimulating and warming you up in the cold days, as well as sweet orange oil that is uplifting and cheering you up. It is a bit expensive but is reusable.


Santa’s Belly Shower Jelly

Another favorite product of mine this Christmas is Santa’s Belly Shower Jelly. This shower jelly is filled with Christmas magic and is really fun to play with in the shower. It is unfused with fresh apple and grape juice, blended with soft seaweed base that brightens up and cleanses your skin. I love its smell, which is very sweet and refreshing. The jelly itself is filed with golden stars and has some glitter all over it to make it even more festive for the holidays.


Father Christmas Bath Bomb

Another festive bath bomb is the Father Christmas one. It is really sweet as it is made with the popular holiday scent Snow Fairy. Once put in water the white and red bath bomb turns into a smooth green lather with a bubble gum smell. It nourishes my skin and leaves an amazing scent throughout the whole day.



Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub

It has been a long time since a new release of lip scrub by Lush but it is finally here and I love it – Sugar Plum Fairy. As always the quality of it is great – it makes my skin softer and more nourished with the juicy blackcurrants and sweet orange oil in its formula. It also has a sweet smell and is very delicious (yes, you actually lick off the excess!).

Startdust Bath Bomb

A great bath bomb for the holiday is Stardust, reminding me of New Years Eve and in a way the latest Star Wars Rogue One (if you watched it, you will know why :D). It has a gorgeous scent of vanilla, blended with bergamot. Stardust gives you a citrusy boost to your mind and is perfect for after-party or overeating Christmas recovery.


Error 404 Bath Bomb

This last bath bomb Error 404 is not necessarily related to the holidays but is for a good cause which what Christmas is also about – spreading good vibes and helping others as well. All of the profits from this bath bomb go to the digital fund, supporting AccessNow and grassroots digital activism. Apart from that the bath bomb is really good – it contains vanilla absolute and gardenia extract that give the bath a sweet and comforting scent. After you drop it in water, a secret message is revealed.


Would you try some of these products? Comment below. 🙂


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