Dorm Makeover: DIY Marble Desk

Hi beauties!!

University started just two weeks ago and I already have a lot of work going on. Since I am going to spend a lot of time in my dorm room, I always love to make it beautiful and to personalize it so it reflects my sense of style as well as to add some stationary to keep me organized and motivated. This semester I decided to do a makeover of my desk and transform it into a marble one. I am really happy with the way it turned out – from a regular wooden desk to a classy marble one and it was easy and affordable.  So in today’s blog post I will describe step by step this DIY and you will also see a sneak peak of my desk organization.


You Will Need:

Marble Adhesive Paper: I bought mine from here but you can also get it from your local Praktiker or Bauhaus (for Bulgarians). It is also available on Amazon.


A Hard Flat Item like Old Plastic Card or Book

Dust Rag

How to make it:

  1. Start by cleaning the desk with a damp dust rag. Once the surface is dry, it is ready for the marble adhesive paper.IMG_6444-min.JPG
  2. Next, roll your paper and measure it against your desk. Cut to size and leave the extra as you might need it.img_6443-min
  3. Afterwards, it’s time to peel the adhesive paper and start applying it on the desk. Work carefully and slowly, while in the mean you flatten the surface using a book. Also, make sure to press out and smooth any air bubbles as you go.img_6442-min
  4. In my case after I applied the paper, I used the excess part to cover the rest of the desk which didn’t have paper on. Once you have applied the piece of contact paper fully, use the scissors to trim any excess. 
  5. Now, it’s time to neat the edges as neatly as possible with the scissors. After that you are done and you can apply some cute accessories and stationary. Now you have a brand new marble desk!



At the end of the semester, if you need to leave the room as it was, you can remove this marble adhesive paper really easy, so don’t worry!

Would you try this DIY? Comment below. 🙂


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