Bath & Body Works Tutti Dolci Review

Hello beauties and happy first day of spring!

I am so excited to share with you girls that the beloved Tutti Dolci line finally returned to Bath & Body Works for Spring 2017!  The original line was actually introduced several years ago and was later discontinued but and as many people loved it is reintroduced.

This favorite sugary line features a shower gel, body wash, body cream, and fragrance mist. The scents available are inspired by fresh baked goodies – Sweet Lemon Buttercup, Pink Peony Crème, White Mocha Kiss, and Golden Honey Prailine.


I decided to get Golden Honey Prailine because of it amazing sweet scent of caramel, praline musk, and honey. I find it the perfect scent for this season, as we transition from winter to spring. It is very sweet, light, and sophisticated and lasts long (all day) on the skin after I apply it. This scent is definitely one of my favorite from Bath & Body Works.


If you are not so much into the salted caramel and nutty Golden Honey Praline, the other scents from the Tutti Dolci line might suit you well. The Pink Peony Crème is sweet and floral; Sweet Lemon Buttercup is sugary and citrusy; White Mocha Kiss has a vanilla and marshmallow scent. I definitely want to try next the Pink Peony Crème.

Apart from the great scent of the line, the formula is also amazing. Like other products from the brand, it is enriched with Shea Butter which hydrates and moisturizes the skin but for some reason I feel my skin extremely soft with this product. However, unlike the other body lotions, the Tutti Dolci Body Cream is thicker and quite economic.

Last but not least, I really love the design of the packaging. The pink shimmery bottle with the decorative banner on top and golden-bronze metallic logo is very cute and a real gem on your vanity or bathroom. 


As we don’t have a Bath & Body Works store in Bulgaria, I buy the latest lines from the online shop Bath & Body Works Bulgaria, which imports the products from the USA.

Have any of you tried anything from this collection yet? What’s your favorite? Comment below. 🙂


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