22 Things That Make Me Happy

Hello beauties,

I am very excited today as it is my birthday and I’m turning 22! For this reason, I decided today to dedicate this post for the 22 things that I love, so that you can get to know me a little better and share this moment with me. 🙂 Also, I want to thank my loved ones, friends, and everyone that greeted me for making it a very special 22nd Birthday!



heart Spending quality time with my loved ones at dinner, or watching a movie in the cinema together.

heart I love traveling from time to time, exploring new cultures. It makes me feel alive ❤

heartRelaxing in a hot bath with lighted candles after a tiring day.


heart Classic movies from the 50s such as High Society, To Catch a Thief etc.

heart Writing for my blog, the university newspaper, and in general writing down my ideas.

heart I love learning new things as a whole and studying so I make sure to be part of classes that really interest me.

heart .. my roommate Denny! 


heart Trying out new seasonal products from my favorite beauty brands – Lush, Bath & Body Works, etc.

heart I love make up by Too Faced, Tarte, Lancome, and Guerlain. 

heart I love graphic design – creating spreads for fashion magazines.

heart Taking photographs of the cities which I travel to, nature, and beauty products for my blog.


heart Playing with my dog – Goldie in the garden.

heart Songs by Ed Sheeran, especially from his new album – Perfect, Galway Girl, Nancy Mulligan.

heart I also love listening to Frank Sinatra, especially in the winter days.

heart I am obsessed with hygge, the Danish concept of comfort, pleasure, and cosiness.


heart Freshly cut flowers – especially peonies.

heart I love the French culture, cuisine (especially macaroons), and language!

heart I love watching the new episode of the TV shows which I currently watch – Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, House of Cards, and Pretty Little Liars.

heart A mix of vintage decorations and minimalistic designs.


heart I love drinking coffee (especially from Starbucks) two times a day.

heart I love black tea, and especially Earl Grey as it smells amazing because it contains oil of bergamot.

heart I love going to Disneyland and wish I could visit it more often!

I challenge everyone who would like to do such a post as well, I would love to learn more about you!

Thank you for reading! 🙂


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